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Computer Boxes

Gearbox and Engine Units

We specialise in the electronics of all BMWs (DME and DDE) repairs and coding are all part of our day to day challenges that we help BMW car owners solve.

Engine Maintenance

Gearbox and Engine Units

We do reprogramming and software upgrades to all models from bakkies to SUVs and all other car models, this includes electronic systems, upgrades, and tuning.

Keys and Remotes

Gearbox and Engine Units

We do lost key and remote replacements together with coding for all types of car keys and alarm systems, be it a BMW to Mercedes Benz, we have got your back.

Performance Upgrades

Gearbox and Engine Units

Need a more faster machine or simply want to turn the car you like into being your pride and joy? Look no further we'll tune your car into a beast of speed and maybe sound.

Consumption Improvements

Gearbox and Engine Units

A car heavy on fuel consumption can be problematic to both your pocket and car well-being we'll help you solve this problem to save you money and improve your car's performance.

Gearbox & Engine Exchange Units

Gearbox and Engine Units

We have all the latest diagnostic and programming equipment for BMW so that you dont have to worry about your car being in the wrong hands, we guarantee to fix any problem you might encounter with your car.

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